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More than 20 years experiences


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High Pressure Aluminum Diecasting with machines range from 350Ton to 1,000Ton.


Aluminium Diecasting

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Apart from providing diecasting solutions, we go one step further by keeping all our processes within our control to ensure consistent quality. We are a niche above the rest by providing surface finishing in-house. This is achieved by expanding our facilities by acquiring a chrome plating facility as well as installing a new automated powder coating line. Being committed to delivering highest product quality, we are able to keep prices at very competitive levels.



Our Certifications

: ISO 9001:2015
: IATF16949:2016


The #1 Malaysia Die Casting Company

Established in 1996, Sena Diecasting Industries has established itself as the leading die casting company in the local market and with a huge presence in many other countries. Our range of cutting-edge facilities and stringent process ensures high-quality parts are produced for our clients.

Looking For A Die Casting Company In Malaysia?

Whether you’re a medical equipment manufacturer, automotive supplier, or a startup in the electronics industry, your hunt for a reliable die casting company stops with us. Our success that spans two decades is attributed to our customer-oriented philosophy coupled with quality-assured products.

With value-added services like sub-assembly, leaks tests, plating, and more, you don’t have to look elsewhere for a better die casting company.

Topping The List Of Die Casting Companies In Malaysia

You’ll be spoilt for choices when searching for Malaysian die casting companies. However, our consistency in delivering beyond-satisfactory product quality enables our company to easily top the list. We take each of our clients’ projects seriously and are attentive to every detail in development, machining, and die casting.

Advanced Technology Meets The Experienced DieCaster

At Sena Diecasting Industries, we understand that technologies are only as good as the people operating them. Therefore, we’ve placed the utmost importance when recruiting and training our die caster. Not only do our die casters ensure a smooth casting process, but they also adhere to safety regulations in doing so.

Why Do You Need An Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer?

Often, many products involved mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes that are made of aluminum. While there are different ways to produce the aluminum parts, die casting remains a preferred method, thanks to its cost-saving approach and faster turnaround. Opting for a manufacturer specializing in aluminum die casting also results in parts that are more durable and structurally stable.

What Is Precision Die Casting?

Precision die casting is a process where metals are molted and molded into shape with steel cavities. It is usually done in a hot or cold chamber process where the metal is shaped under high pressure. In our company, the quality of the die-cast is further enhanced with technologies like vacuum die casting and robotic automation.

How To Choose The Right Aluminum Die Casting Company

Getting a cheap quote isn’t the sole reason to pick a particular aluminum die-cast manufacturer. You’ll need to look into the lead time, technologies, and services offered by the company. The ability of the company to work on small and large parts are also factors to be considered. For products with very tight tolerances, you’ll want to choose a company that invests in high precision machining. Value-added services like sub-assemblies, polishing, plating, and powder coating can also save cost and time.

Best Die Casting Companies In Asia

It isn’t far fetched to claim that we’re one of the best die casting companies in Asia. Since our inception, we’ve worked with clients in China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and India. Our increased regional growth is fueled by the continuous investment of robotic and automation systems, which significantly increases product quality.

What Does An Alu Die Casting Company Need From You?

Before the machines can be put to work, you’ll need to supply the die casting manufacturer with detailed drawings of the parts. You’ll also need to sit in with the engineering team to discuss specific requirements and details of the parts. Based on that, the manufacturer will plan the casting process to ensure that it strikes the right balance between yield, quality, and cost.

Why Sena Diecasting Industries Is Your Perfect Al Die Caster?

We realize that even the smallest aluminum part on your product can greatly influenced functionality, reliability, and safety for users. With the same philosophy, we approach the die casting process with the aid of robotic automated machines. Our consistency in delivering parts that are structurally reliable and high cosmetic appeal results in returning clients from various parts of the world. Your business deserves the unprecedented quality from Sena Diecasting Industries.