Services And Equipment

We Provide
One Stop Solution

for all diecasting, precision machining, secondary processes, and surface treatment services for aluminum alloy castings.
We offer:
  • High pressure diecasting
  • Precision CNC and conventional machining
  • Chrome plating and other surface finishing
    • Ferrous & Non-ferrous products
      • Chromium plating on aluminium
      • Chromium plating on steel, brass, copper
    • Nickel plating
    • Zinc plating
    • Silver plating
    • Gold plating
    • Hard chrome
  • Auto powder coating
  • Impregnation, tumbling, leak testing, assembly, and other types secondary processes
  • ED coating, wet painting and other outsourced surface treatment

Our Capabilities


  • Our Engineering team will review customers input and drawings. With this information, we design and simulate the casting process to meet customer’s product specification while optimizing yield & quality.
  • Our Engineering team will propose the best engineering knowledge ensuring the product adhere to ‘Design for Manufacturability’ for our customer.

Die Casting

  • Cold-Chamber Machines from 350-1,000 Tons (12 Machines with individual furnace for a variety of alloys).
  • We Use Standard alloys such as ADC12, A380, ADC10, LM6, A413 & A360.
  • We also use special composition alloys upon request from customer.
  • Capability to cast small parts from 10g up to larger part weighting 5kg.
  • Our product quality meet pressure tight, structural and high cosmetic requirement.


  • Our precision machining can achieve roughness up to Ra0.6 for sealing surface and Fit 7 tolerance.
  • We have 37 CNC Milling Machines and 10 Lathe Machine in operation.
  • Our CNC machines are mainly 4-axis.

Value Add Services

  • In-house Impregnation and Leaks Tests Facility.
  • Sub-assemblies: Plugs, nuts, bolts & fitting components.
  • Polishing: Steel and Aluminum.
  • Plating: Copper, Nickel Chrome, Zinc, Silver & Gold.
  • In-house Automatic Powder Coating Line.
  • Stable & Reliable Subcontractor for ED-Coat, Wet Paint & Anodizing.

Casting & Machining

Our casting and machining division are based in our 100,000 sq. ft. factory located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan and another 49,000 sq. ft. chrome plating division located in Sg Buloh, Selangor.

Below are the equipment and services that we provide:

High Pressure Diecasting

Machine Tonnage
  • High Pressure Diecasting Machine Tonnage from 135 tons up to 1,000 tons
  • Toshiba (135T/350T/800T)
  • Toyo (650T/900T/1,000T)
Others Facilities
  • Stress Relieved Oven
  • Melt and Hold Furnace
  • Crucible Furnace
  • Oil heater
  • Vacuum System
  • Fanuc Robot Spray
  • Fanuc Handling Robot

Secondary Process

  • Tumbling Machines
  • Shot Blasting Machines (Hanger Type)
  • Linishing Machines
  • Impregnation Line
  • Leak Test Machines

Precision Machining

  • Our Precision Machining can achieve roughness Ra0.6 for Sealing Surface and Fit 7 tolerance.

  • 37 CNC Milling Machines.

  • 10 Lathe Machine.

  • Our CNC machine are mainly 4-axis.

Machine Type
  • CNC vertical milling with indexers (4 axis)
  • CNC vertical milling
    (3 axis)
  • CNC Horizontal Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Turn Mill
Others Facilities
  • Pneumatic Tap
  • Power Tap
  • Bench Drill
  • Multi Spindle

Chrome Plating

  • Ferrous & Non-ferrous products
    • Chromium plating on aluminium
    • Chromium plating on steel, brass, copper
  • Nickel plating
  • Zinc plating
  • Silver plating
  • Gold plating
Test Laboratory:
  • Thickness test – Zinc plate
  • Salt spray test
  • Quench test
  • Microscope inspection – Multi-layer plating thickness.
  • STEP test
  • CASS test
  • Hull Cell test
  • Kocour - plating thickness test.

Powder Coating

  • Treatment process using Hexavalent / Trivalent chromate.
  • Auto Spray System.
  • In-house salt spray test machine.

Quality Assurance

QA/QC Equipment @ Die Casting Division
  • CMM
  • Spectrometer
  • Contracer
  • Profile Projector
  • X-Ray
  • Roughness Tester
  • Height Gauge
  • 3D Scan
  • Tensile Test Machine
  • Harness Test Machine (HRF, HRC, HB …)
  • & Other various types of Go/No gauges, Plug Gauges, Ring Gauge, Pin Gauge etc
QA/QC Equipment @ Plating Division

Auto Grinder and Polisher

Preparation of work piece to use in the microscope to view.

Micro Scope
An instrument with 200 X magnification to view the work piece.
The Kocour 6000 digital Thickness Tester
Utilizes coulometric principle measures multiple coatings and gives individual readings. Measures the electro-chemical potential difference between duplex and triplex nickel layers (STEP – Simultaneous Thickness and Electrochemical Potential). Measures very thin coatings such as decorative chromium and gold.
Salt spray test chamber is used to test the anti-corrosion quality of all the materials surfaces of painting, coating, electroplating in condition of salt spray environment. We also have the Copper Accelerated Salt Spray chamber as well.

An instrument with 200 X magnification to view the work piece.