Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

Sena Diecasting Industries Sdn Bhd is committed to managing our safety, health and environmental (SHE) matters as an integral part of the business. We will do so by adhering to the following principles:

1. Culture and Compliance :

Promote a corporate culture of safety, health and environmental awareness and comply with all applicable standards, laws and regulations related to SHE in our business operations.

2. Responsibility and Accountability :

Conduct business and operating systems in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring all employees are properly trained and adhered to SHE requirement at work. Uphold safety, health, pollution prevention and environmental protection responsibilities at all times.

3. Prevention and Resource Management :

Create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment, reduce SHE risks to our people and the environment, employ safe and clean technologies and practices, minimize waste generation, toxicity and conservation of resources.

4. Participation and Communication :

Communication and promote our SHE policy and commitments to all stakeholders and solicit their input in meeting our goals while offering assistance to meet theirs.

5. Continual Improvement :

Continually seek improvement in our environmental management system, environmental performance and objectives through regular review.